Dear Mayur,

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It’s our Anniversary today...  The journey that began on the 6th of May 2006, has brought US a long way. 11 years of togetherness, we have seen Joy and Sorrow, Laughter and Pain, Rise and Fall and always been by each other’s side.

With you I saw new beginnings, new horizons, a new ME. Our journey together has been explicitly magnificent and with every new day, it just gets even more exquisite. There’s so much more I want to say, words will fall short if I began. But 1 thing I’ll surely say:



This day, 6th May holds a very special place in my heart, it’s imprinted on my soul, it’s Unforgettable as this is very day I began my life with you, I went from being Nehete to Talele and with that change in name, came a bunch of other changes that transformed me into this new person : Dhanashree Talele …. YOUR Dhanashree! Mayurmay Shree !!!



As we moved on in our journey, the arrival of the little one changed our lives completely. We were so ecstatic, the moment that brought tears to our eyes and smiles to our lips. It was a wonderfully satisfying, to give birth to our child. This is the wonderful feeling that only WE share. Thank you dear Ayush for your advent into our lives.

As we took more spins around the sun, a lot of new things walked into our lives. Then again I had the tickles in my tummy, and soon those tickles turned into tiny little fingers of our beautiful little princess Aarna.  Her birth started a completely new phase of our life.

Thank You, for bringing two beautiful children into our lives. Thank You for all the love and all the wonderful things that you do. You make me feel truly special, and I cant wait to unfold the rest of the chapters of our life with YOU!



I won’t make you read a lot as I know that’s the least interesting task on your ‘to-do list’. So move along now, click here!